International English Language Testing System


One Day IELTS Information Session

Dear Future IELTS toppers,

Perhaps, you have been considering IELTS exams for a while, or maybe you are just in the planning phase to begin your journey. In either case, this is an important step in your career that requires careful consideration.

Over 24 years, Professional Education Consultancy had helped thousands of young students like yourself achieve their dreams in both studying abroad & achieving your desired score in IELTS exams.
We look forward to sharing our years of experience and expertise insights into IELTS high scoring. Our IELTS expertise will be listening to your weak points and be focusing on what exactly are you lacking to get the desired score in your test.
This session will be completely One — On — One, counseling basis, so please register to enroll yourself. This session will be more of a discussing and planning on what you lack in while sitting for the exam. It can be time management, vocabulary, inefficient practice or any other factor. Just join us and reveal your inner potential out.
Note: This session is free of cost, simply register for confirmation.

Secrets to IELTS high band score !!!! 

Here are some important tips specially for Reading module you to practice before appearing for IELTS exams.

• Tip —1
o Time limit, only 60 minute for reading section.
■ Remember, there is only 60 minutes for reading section, so no extra time for transferring answers.

• Tip — 2 
Time Calculation — You need to separate time for each passage while giving exams.
■ Passage 1: 16 minutes
■ Passage 2: 19 minutes
■ Passage 3: 23 minutes
■ Revision Time: 2 minutes

• Tip —3 
Do not leave any questions unanswered. ■ There is no marks deduction for wrong answers, so do not leave any questions unanswered.

• Tip — 4 
Scan the questions attentively
■ Always have a quick look at questions and scan through the passage.

• Tip — 5
o Scan for the hint words.
■ Remember that the words beginning with a CAPITAL Letter, Numbers & Names are easiest to find out in the text. Therefore always scan for these at first.

Remember!! Practice & Focus are the main key point to achieve success. 

The Four Parts of the IELTS test

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an international test of English language for non-native language users. It has been jointly managed by the British Council and IDP Australia under Cambridge Assessment English. IELTS is one of the major English
Language tests in the world.

 Listening: 30 minutes (10 minutes for a transfer timing)
 Reading: 60 minutes
 Writing: 60 minutes
 Speaking: 11–14 minutes

Total testing time is: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Listening, Reading and Writing exams are conducted together or on the same day however, the Speaking test may take place after the test or before each three test.

IELTS Candidates get a score for each section: listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each individual score is added with an average and rounded to produce an overall score. The full band of IELTS is 9.

We offer you six weeks of preparation along with weekly mock test. Each candidate takes 2 weeks of Reading and 2 weeks of Writing instruction classes and finally Speaking and Listening class each of these sections lasts for one week.