Study in Thailand

An Irresistible Destination to Study Abroad


Study abroad in Thailand to discover a country that is truly a land of contrasts, a delightful mix of frenetic energy and serene moments. Hold tight as your tuk-tuk careens high-speed down crowded alleyways, around each corner a new delight.

It might be a couple of young, orange-cloaked monks in quiet conversation or the rush of what seems like a thousand mopeds competing for the street. Venture into the bustling markets, a tapestry of exotic tropical fruits and brightly colored spices overloading the senses. Stop to eavesdrop on a lively bartering exchange or simply to have a heavenly foot massage.

Why study in Thailand?

  • The political, social and economic system provides for a liberal academic atmosphere that thrives on diversity of opinion, debate and discussion.
  • Over the long term, with the global scenario in such a state of flux, the “Sufficiency Economy” offers unique ideas for sustainable, holistic and grassroots-oriented solutions to many of today’s problems.
  • Thailand’s geographical location at the heart of the ASEAN and Greater Mekong Sub-region is a huge advantage.
  • Whether it be big bustling cities or quiet ancient temples – the natural beauty, the friendliness of the people, and its rich culture make Thailand a simply irresistible destination to study abroad.
  • Thailand has one of the strongest economies in Southeast Asia, and is experiencing rapid changes in modern society. The cost of living is extremely low, making it the perfect destination for international students on a budget who want to make the most of their limited funds.

Visa Requirement Process

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Reasons to consider studying in Thailand

Build Fruitful Relationships

Studying abroad is a chance to forge bond with others - could be a local shopkeeper or a fellow traveler and to develop connections as well.

Diverse Eco-Systems

Thailand is a beautiful country that provides opportunity to explore an array of rich eco systems from the mountains for north to its south.

Affordable Travel Options

In Thailand, adventures are endless, easy and affordable. You could spend your week days exploring everything Thailand has to offer.

Learn and Earn

Students studying in Thailand can find internship opportunities at the universities in which they are studying.